Support the SBCC Promise – Transform Our Community

The SBCC Promise offers an affordable path to college for all local students.

The SBCC Promise relies on privately-raised funds to ensure resources are available for any local student who needs assistance in overcoming financial barriers to college. The very act of the community stepping forward and offering these resources makes a strong statement in itself – all students in our community are valued, and our community college has something to offer anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.

The SBCC Foundation has the opportunity to implement one of the nation’s most ambitious promise programs, and base it on the learning of more than forty other communities over the past ten years. We are privileged to do this in partnership with one of the nation’s greatest community colleges, in a region with a long history of generous philanthropy.

The initial three year start-up of the SBCC Promise will require $5 million. Every dollar counts and all support is needed and welcomed.

If you have any questions about the SBCC Promise that are not answered here, please call
(805) 730-4416 or email promise@sbccfoundation.org.